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Espresso A B C Bundle 3x250g

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About Espresso A B C Bundle 3x250g

Experience a full flight of espresso and find your favorite. Are you Adventure, Balance, or Comfort?

Adventure suits you who like variation and get excited when coffee is full of different flavors and character

Balance suits you who like to enjoy a tasty cup, with great taste but no fuzz

Comfort suits you who like to enjoy a cup that meets your expectation on taste and flavor

Espresso A is a single-origin espresso. 

100% Natural Heirloom from Sidamo Harbegona, Ethiopia


Espresso B is a blend with the following components:

70% Nicaragua El Cambalache  / washed Cauturra
30% Ethiopia Bensa Segera / washed Heirloom


Espresso C is a blend with the following components:

40% Nicaragua El Cambalache / washed Caturra                                                        30% Brazil Santa Cecilia & Soares / natural Catuai
30% Ethiopia Harbegona  / natural Heirloom

3 x 250-gram coffee roasted in Gothenburg. We send up to two weeks of rested coffee when available and roast on order when needed. We ship within a week from ordering. Free shipping Sweden on orders over 300kr. 

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