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200 grams of coffee beans from Costa Rica. 

Lemongrass, floral, viola, creamy, caramel

This lot comes from Finca Inés, a farm owned and run by Coope Victoria. Coope Victoria is the oldest cooperative in Costa Rica and envisions Finca Inés to become both a coffee lab and model farm, dedicated to producing the most complex coffees in the West Valley region. This lot is a washed Geisha that has been de-pulped the same day as picking, fermented, and dried on raised beds for 9 days. Geisha is a variety that, in the right growing conditions, has a unique flavor and aroma, as do this lot. This is our third year buying Geisha from Finca Inés.

  • COUNTRY Costa Rica  
  • REGION San Isidro de Grecia, West Valley
  • ALTITUDE 1600-1800 masl 
  • VARIETY Geisha 
  • PROCESS Washed / Våtförädlat  
  • PRODUCER Coope Victoria
Roasted in Gothenburg. We send up to two weeks of rested coffee when available and roast on order when needed. We ship within a week from ordering. Free shipping Sweden on orders over 300kr.


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