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Subscription coffees

Here you will find amazing coffees we offered in past issues of our subscriptions. Some of them are exclusively for subscribers, so don't miss out and check our current subscription here.

May 2022


Creamy, peach, bergamot, raisins 

Helena Georgalis is one of our favorite producers, and we are excited to be back in business with her. In 2017 her company took over a washing station in Sidamo Bensa where this coffee comes from. Heleanna knows that having a station is the best way to push quality forward. This way she can control the post-harvest process and work closely with the surrounding farmers.

  • COUNTRY Ethiopia 
  • REGION Harbegona
  • ALTITUDE 2100 masl  
  • VARIETY Heirloom 
  • PROCESS Natural 
  • PRODUCER Heleanna Georgalis 
  • RELATION Since 2016



Creamy, almond, rosehip, lemon

Our relationship with Kopakaki goes back to before we started the roastery in 2013. Kopakaki has 990 member families, and by separating day-lots from Kopakaki like this we are able to premiere the best producers for their effort. Since 2016 we have managed a village project, selecting special lots from selected farmers in the cooperative. This helps raise the quality of the whole community. This lot comes from Mataba Village. Mataba is located on Karongi Hills, touching the shores of the Lift Valley of lake Kivu. This village enjoys abundant rains and high altitude that produces a slowly matured bean that has a distinctive taste and aroma.

  • COUNTRY Rwanda  
  • REGION Karongi District  
  • ALTITUDE 1700-1950 masl
  • VARIETY Bourbon 
  • PROCESS Washed   
  • PRODUCERS 17 farmers in Mataba Village
  • RELATION Since 2012


April 2022



Ninga Hill is a community with 764 farmers in northern Burundi. Coffee trees occupy any space they can on this hill from the edge of the single track dirt paths that weave through the hills to the doorsteps of farmers’ selfmade mud brick houses. Coffee is processed at Bukeye Washing station, separated from the hills of Ninga by two rivers and a province border. The community is far beyond the reach of electricity. Yet, Ninga hill produces elegant and complex coffees, with flavors that are layered and not at all muddled.

  • COUNTRY Burundi
  • REGION Muramvya Province
  • ALTITUDE 1800-2000 masl
  • VARIETY Bourbon
  • PROCESS Tvättad
  • PRODUCERS 764 farmers on Ninga Hill
  • RELATION Since 2017




Finca Origenes is a young farm. Our friends Rebeca, Ricardo, and Edgar started the farm in 2016 to manifest the diversity of coffee in the world. Coffee is related to many countries, each country contributes varieties as well as process methods, and everything contributes to the flavor of the coffee. Finca Origenes has 30 different varieties from all over the world, many of them never planted before in Brunca. This lot is a San Roque. 

  • COUNTRY Costa Rica
  • REGION San Isidro del General, Brunca
  • ALTITUDE 1675-1850 masl
  • VARIETY San Roque
  • PROCESS Honey 
  • PRODUCERS Rebeca Moya Masis, Ricardo Azofeifa Mora and Edgar Silva Loáciga


San Roque is a Typica plant that originates from Sumatra. First planted in Costa Rica in 2005. Ricardo tells us: "San Roque is a tall plant, that produces bigger cherries compared with the tradition we have been working in Costa Rica. The first plantation of it is located in one place named San Roque de Grecia in the West Valley region. This community has elevations of 1300-1600 masl. Because of that, we took this variety to see what happens in our terroir."

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