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EL ARBOL funky fermentation Bundle 2x250g

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About EL ARBOL funky fermentation Bundle 2x250g

This box contains two coffees from El Árbol. Both are "natural" Caturra:

  • first lot has a long fermentation in an oxygen deprived environment 
  • second lot has a longer fermentation in an oxygen deprived environment 

In this Funky Fermentation Bunde, you can experience the effect of post harvest fermentation on coffees flavour profile.

Long Fermentation: Creamy pineapple, winey acidity, bold, fudge

Long Fermentation is a natural with a long fermentation in an oxygen deprived environment before drying. Fermentation was stopped at the time sweetness changed places with acidity as most prominent in smell and flavor. After fermentation coffee cherries was dried like a natural.

Longer Fermentation: Crazy fruit bomb, fermented cherry, tropical cocktail

Longer Fermentation is a natural with a longer fermentation than normally practiced. Fermentation was pushed beyond the normal point in order to give the acidity more space to evolve, which changed the flavor dynamics in the coffee.

About El Arbol

Finca El Árbol is a young farm focused on farm development to increase quality, control consistency and create variety. This is done by experimenting with post-harvest process.

El Árbol is located in Dipilto, a region in northern Nicaragua. This region became famous when Dipilto farmers won the prestigious competition Cup of Excellence year after year. The climate and altitude in Dipilto has the best conditions in Nicaragua for a great cup of coffee, if picked ripe and carefully treated after harvest. El Árbol is, unlike most other coffee farms, not passed down from generation to generation of coffee farmers. Unique for El Árbol is that the farm is run and owned by a group of friends in the coffee business, and Per Nordby was one of them. El Arbol was bought 2015 with the ambition to change the coffee chain and experiment with post harvest processing steps like drying and fermentation.


  • COUNTRY Nicaragua
  • REGION Dipilto, Nueva Segovia
  • ALTITUDE 1150-1300 masl
  • PROCESS Anaerobic fermented cherries, dried as a natural
  • MANAGERS Benito and JuanLoáciga


2 x 250-gram coffee roasted in Gothenburg. We send up to two weeks of rested coffee when available and roast on order when needed. We ship within a week from ordering. Free shipping Sweden on orders over 300kr. 

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