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About Janson Estate - Washed Geisha

Juicy, lemon zest, vanilla cake, butter scorch, red cherry, gooseberry, rhubarb

The Janson Coffee farm is located in Vulcán, in the north of Panama. The farm has been passed down in the Janson family for three generations and is currently run by Carl Janson.
This coffee is a washed coffee. Cherries are pulped and fermented for 48 hours before drying on patios for 5 days.

Geisha is often associated with Panama, because this is where it first became known. Geisha originally comes from the mountains around a town in southwestern Ethiopia called Geisha which has given the bean its name. In the 1960s, it came to Panama and was one of many varieties in the country until 2004 when it won the Best of Panama competition with a clear margin. Since then, more and more farms in Panama and in other countries have planted Geisha. When Geisha is planted in the right conditions, it is superior and unique in its flavor. Jasmine, vanilla and sweet fruit are typical taste descriptions for Geisha. Carl Janson planted Geisha in 2007 and a few years later he got his first harvest. Now he sells it directly to roasters around the world. We are proud to be one of them.
  • COUNTRY Panama
  • REGION Volcan 
  • ALTITUDE 1350 masl
  • VARIETY Green tip Geisha
  • PROCESS Fully Washed
  • PRODUCER Carl Janson with family 
  • HARVEST February 26 2021
  • RELATION Since 2015

Roasted in Gothenburg. We send up to two weeks of rested coffee when available and roast on order when needed. We ship within a week from ordering. Free shipping in Sweden when you place an order over 300kr. 

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