Our story

Per Nordby

We are Kafferäven

Kafferäven is run by Per, Susanna, and Elin. When we started back in 2013, we had two clear goals: 1) To source, roast, and share the best coffee we could from farmers we know personally. 2) Never cut back on quality while doing it. Those goals have not changed since.

How We Source

We source green coffee directly from farmers, millers, and exporters we are lucky to call friends. For years we have traveled the coffee-growing areas in the world to understand what it takes to produce the very best specialty coffee. We have developed friendships with fantastic coffee producers that share our passion, values, and goals. This helps us ensure that the coffee we buy comes from socially and environmentally sustainable businesses, as well as being of the very best quality. Enjoy your cup of coffee and make us and the farmers proud.

Kaffeskörd Kafferäven

How We Roast

When the latest coffee harvests arrive at our roastery, it is just a dried seed. We call it green coffee. All the coffee flavors hide in this seed, but these flavors will not show until we roast the green coffee. It is not until we roast the coffee that we can experience its aroma. Our goal is to roast the green coffee in a way that will give you a balanced cup of coffee. Simultaneously, we want to bring out the flavors that hide inside the green coffee and give them room in your cup. Every coffee is different, and we need to apply a roast profile to each coffee. We roast manually to make sure nothing is left to chance.

How to brew

Brewing coffee is a craft and there are tons of brewing methods. But no matter what method you use, there are a few fundamental steps and some basic knowledge about the extraction of ground coffee in water that can help you brew a tasty cup over and over again. The values stated here are good starting points, but feel free to experiment with the grind size to vary the extraction time and taste. Remember to always use freshly ground coffee.

Brygga kaffe rätt
Foxes in hats

What the fox?

Kafferäven (Vulpes Coffeum) is a species amongst foxes characterized by an extra sensitive nose, impeccable style, and tremendous social skills. Kafferäven travels annually to the tropics on gathering expeditions and brings back the carefully selected catch to its northern den.

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