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Coffee Subscription - FAQ's

Kafferäven coffee subscriptions 

Subscribing to coffee is one of the best ways to discover new coffee flavors and aromas. 
In our coffee subscription you will get a monthly delivery of two coffees we are extra excited about right now. One comes from our current offerings and the other will be exclusive for the subscribers. This way you can try new offerings before anyone else. Shipping cost within Sweden is included in the price. With options for EU and Worldwide delivery too.
If you prefer to pick up your box at our roastery please use the code: LOKAL at check out.
We roast and ship subscription coffees first week every month via DHL Service point. This subscription is a no-brainer and will continue automatically until you choose to pause or cancel it. 
All coffees in our subscription are light roast and fit all kinds of filter brewing methods. Origin and content will change over the year and coffees will always come from producers we know and are proud to call our friends. 
To receive an email with the information about the coffees you will need to subscribe to our newsletter. Or modify your settings in the customer page to accept receiving email from us.
If you choose the small bundle you will get two speciality coffees and 250gram of each. This will give you at least one cup of tasty coffee every day for a month. 
If you choose the large bundle you will double up and get two speciality coffees and 2x250gram of each. This will give you at least two cups of tasty coffee every day for a month.

As a subscriber, you earn the privilege of receiving unique coffees on special occasions not offered anywhere else. If you choose our coffee subscription, scents, and tastes from several of the best growers around the equator across the world, your coffee breaks will be extra enjoyable. 

Subscribe or check out past coffees from our subscriptions.

Coffee delivery - A nice letter to receive   

Every month a box filled with coffee beans will land near you via DHL Service Point. The coffee will be specially selected for you, and it will be one that we are proud of. We will also tell you the story behind its journey. 

Kafferäven's trade is fully transparent. That means we know our producers personally. Thanks to this, you can feel sure that you enjoy coffee that comes from farms with fair working conditions and proud growers.

Whole beans or ground coffee?

We'd rather you order whole beans instead of ground coffee. The reason - Coffee should preferably be served freshly ground. Freshly ground coffee delivers a more profound taste experience. But if you do not own a coffee grinder, we will ground the freshly roasted coffee for you. When you feel ready to acquire a coffee grinder, you as a subscriber get an advantageous offer on a coffee grinder we think is best suited for your needs.

Are you ready to take the leap and go on a journey that takes you from Africa's rich notes of strawberries and blueberries to South America's floral and chocolate-scented coffee?

Information about your subscription

  • Order before the last day of this month to start your coffee trip.
  • You get 2x250gr or 4x250gr of 2 selected freshly roasted beans.
  • The coffee is sent on the first Wednesday of every month.
  • You can cancel your subscription whenever you want.
  • Shipping is included in Sweden through DHL Service Point. 100kr extra cost for EU customers.
  • Use code LOKAL at checkout for local pickup.
  • Check past subscription coffees here.


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